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uniform information


The Sustainable School Shop is a great resource for buying and selling secondhand school uniforms.

Secondhand uniforms need to be:

Tailored items that have been custom fitted may not have sizing i.e. Blazers. We recommend that shirt size, or other sizing reference be used to provide an indication of size and fit.

Provide additional information about the items you wish to sell in the ‘extra comments’ section in each for sale advertisement. This will assist purchasers in understanding the garment and its quality.

School uniforms are always in demand and sought year round, peak trading times are:

Remember, every item of secondhand uniform you sell is helping another family within your school community and will be appreciated.

If your school’s uniform list is not available on our website, please send it to us and will upload the uniform data. This will standardise all wanted and for sale ads and make the ad listing process very easy. Then our Ad matching service will be able to match buyer with sellers.

Send to: