Sustainable School Shop.


Families are provided 4 levels of access. Sustainable School Shop does not automatically debit credit cards.

1. Searching for Free 
Registering and manually searching all the for sale ads from the main search page, gaining the sellers contact details, is free.

2. Advertising Single Items 
Single items can be advertised for $1.95 (Wanted or For Sale). For Sale Ads last 365 days, Wanted Ads last 3 months.

3. Annual Subscription (Includes Premium Searching)
An annual subscription costs $ 23.95. An unlimited number of items can be advertised and provides access to Premium Searching and the Advanced Search Summary.

Annual subscriptions last 365 days from your payment date, or if you already have a subscription your current subscription expiry date will be extended by 365 days. 
When an annual subscription is renewed any currently listed For Sale Ads expiry dates are automatically extended 365 days.

4. Premium Searching  Cost $4.95 (Lasts 365 days)
Premium Searching has been created for those families wishing to only search from the main search page. Benefits include immediate access to:
See and search all newly listed For Sale ads
ISBN textbook numbers
Show members other ads
Improved search filtering tools

Newly listed For Sale ads are delayed 48 hours before they will appear to people searching for free.

When manually searching for textbooks, always search by ISBN. This guarantees only the correct texts are found. Book titles in For Sale ads are not standardised and our search engine is keystroke sensitive. Searching by title will often miss books or return incorrect books.

Improved filtering tools include; latest listed; condition; cheapest and distance.

The Sell/Buy Transaction
The sell/buy transaction is direct between buyer and seller. The Sustainable School Shop is not involved in the transaction and does not take any commissions on the sale or the selling price.


Some schools pay a bulk discounted fee on behalf of their respective families, who then receive a school's subscription (that applies to their school) when they register on the Sustainable School Shop.


3-5 items to sell - purchase 3-5 single ads at $1.95 each. 

Need 3-5 items and have 3-5 items to sell - purchase an annual subscription at $23.95.

Experience has shown that families always find more items to advertise and most upgrade to an annual subscription.

Schools/Heads of Curriculum strongly advise families to use ISBN's when manually searching for books or to list Wanted ads and use the Advanced Search Summary.

Postal Insurance

Sustainable School Shop will compensate sellers, the value of items (including postage) where the sale proceeds are not received.
Sustainable School Shop will compensate buyers, the amount of money spent where the goods have not arrived.
Postal insurance only covers second-hand items that are advertised on the Sustainable School Shop website and are transacted using a postal/delivery service. Postal insurance lasts 365 days from date of purchase and is limited to a maximum benefit of $400.00AUD.
Postal insurance does not cover: ebooks, digital media, or electronic media licencing.
Claims must provide: Seller, buyer, item details, any receipts and a brief summary of the incident. Use Contact Us above to submit claims.
Postal Insurance - $5.95

Sustainable School Shop Guarantee:

We undertake to treat all clients with respect, courtesy and in good faith, while promoting and encouraging community and long term relationships that deliver improved value and reward.

We will encourage re-use and recycling through innovation and technology, enabling schools and families to look for a second-hand item first before buying new. 

Making better use of current resources, builds a more sustainable school community and lowers the cost of education.