Sustainable School Shop.


About Notice Boards

The Sustainable School Shop provided this functionality as a additional service that may be helpful for schools, community groups and commerial organisations to communicate with their clients/members.

Who will see a Notice you post

Only parents and clients who are members of the Sustainable School Shop and have selected your school, organisation or business within their Profile section of this Site will receive the Notices you or your registered users post.

Parents and clients will be alerted on their Homepage that a new notice has been posted and it will be viewable on their Notice Board.

Parents and clients can search all past Notices for organisations they have indicated their interest in on their Notice Boards.

Uni’s & Tafe’s Notices

Notices written and posted by Universities and TAFEs will appear within a student's/parent's "Schools Notice Board".

Community Notice Boards

All Notices written and posted by Special Schools, RTOs, Adult Education, Dance, Language and Drama schools, Sporting Clubs, Community Organisations, Hospitals, Charities, etc will appear on a members/students/parents "Community Notice Board"

Commercial Notice Boards

All Notices written and posted by Commercial Businesses like Book Sellers, School Suppiers etc will appear on a students/parents/clients "Commercial Notice Board"

Who can post a Notice

Only registered users of member schools, organisations and businesses of the Sustainable School Shop can write and post a Notice.

How to post a Notice

Posting a Notice is easy. Click on "Add Notice", enter the title in the top text box and then in the main text box just write your message. Then click "save and send".

View past Notices

All registered users can view, edit, delete and extend the expiry date of all the past sent Notices for their school, organisation or business.

Notice Expiry

Notices are set to expire after two weeks. You can extend the expiry date by editing the expiry date field of the notice. Expired notices are still searchable by parents, but will not show up on their profile as ‘New’.