Sustainable School Shop.

Help Me With Booklists

The Second-hand Textbook Trading System can be accessed 2 ways.  

If your school has provided their booklists they will appear under the Textbook Trading System button in the Navbar.

If you cannot see them please call 1300 683 337 and we will upload them.

Otherwise you need to click on "My Ads" and then "Create an Ad" to construct all your advertisements for the books you wish to buy and sell.

What if your School is not a member of the Sustainable School Shop

Your textbooks are very easy to advertise and trade.

Click on My Ads in the Navbar, then Create Ads to write a For Sale Ad for each textbook you wish to sell.

If your new booklists are not listed on our website, please send them to us and we will immediately upload the textbook data, then we can then show you exactly the correct secondhand texts to buy.

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What if your School has not entered your Booklists

Same as above.

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I cannot find my Booklists

As above. If your school is utilising the textbook trading system and you cannot find your booklists please use Contact Us in the Navbar and we shall contact you to assist.

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Your School selection

Carefully select the correct school for your children as this determines which booklists appear.

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Change of School

Similar to the above, our system assumes your children remain in the same school.  If this is not the case you will need to select the new school attended within "My Profile".

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Selecting a Booklist

Your booklists appear within the box under Choose a Booklist.  Select and click on the booklist you require, the booklist with its books will now be listed out below.

If your booklist does not appear within the drop-down box then carefully check that your selected preferences for school within "My Profile" are correct, if the problem persists please contact us.

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Searching for Books / Selecting Books to Buy / Placing a Wanted Ad

To search our database for books you simply tick the boxes relating to your required books and click on "Search for Selected Books". The search results will be displayed.

If there are no books found then you should continue and place a Wanted Ad for these books. This is important to do because when your required book appears on our system we will immediately notify you.

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Selling Books / Selecting Books to Sell / Placing a For Sale Ad

Within "Textbook Trading System", under the tab "Sell my Books" you will see a listing of books, some of which you may wish to sell.  Simply tick the box corresponding to those books and click "Continue to Advertisement".  You will be taken through the Ad construction process and will also see (on the righthand side of the page) if there are any Wanted Ads in our system matching your books. Finish your Ad and list it.

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Add Additional Books to Sell

You can place other books not on your booklists for sale. Enter some details of the book and be guided by the prompts.

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