Sustainable School Shop.


For Parents and Students

What can I Advertise and sell?

Parents and students can sell or buy practically anything, but most of all anything that relates to:

Commonly traded items
Sporting Items
Musical Equipment
School Surplus
Clothing and Costumes
Computer Equipment
Dance Wear

Commonly Advertised Services
Tutoring Services
Facilities Hire

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Is the Sustainable School Shop involved in the transaction?

No. Parents and students trade directly between themselves.

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Where does the transaction occur?

Worked out between Buyer and Seller as what is most convenient.

Usually at pick-up or drop-off times, or weekend sport or some other convenient time and location worked out between the purchaser and seller, simply arrange to fit into your normal comings and goings. 
 The postal service has been used very successfully too.

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When do most people start trading their goods?

Items trade all year although some items have peak times.

Peak times:
Textbooks - August to March.
Uniforms - November to March, May and September (Change of season)
Calculators - October to March
Other categories - All year

Best outcomes are to get items listed For Sale prior to the peak times, these will always be the first to sell.

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What if I buy something that doesn't fit or is no longer needed?

Simply place an advertisement on the site for the item no longer needed and sell it.

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Are my credit card details safe?


The Sustainable School Shop does not handle your credit card details, the payment page is hosted through the ANZ bank.

You must ensure your computer has adequate anti-virus, anti spyware and a firewall installed and regulary updated upon it.

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Can I purchase a Subscription by some other method than credit card?


The other payment otions are found on the Payment and Advise Payment Pages.
Direct Deposit

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Do I really need to provide details of my children’s school?

No, you do not need to if you wish. This information is used to automate our system to your benefit and ease of use. Our systems functionality within 'Your booklists', 'Creating an Ad', and donating money back to your school are all adversely affected if this information is withheld. Please read our Privacy Policy if you have any concerns. We treat all your details with the utmost respect.

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Do Wanted Ads work?

Wanted Ads are very effective and provide access to helpful functionality and other tools.

Best outcomes are obtained by listing Wanted Ads.

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Can I give items away for free on the website?

Yes, we encourage you to do so. Many items are too good to throw out, and may not have much monitory value, while another family would really appreciate them.

The concept of the Sustainable School Shop is to encourage recycle and re-use where ever possible.

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Can I sell items for my children attending other schools?

Yes. Textbooksfor example are frequently traded between parents with children attending different schools or Universities.

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