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Second Hand Textbooks and Digital Reactivation 2020

Today, most textbooks come with a digital version of the book which is nothing more than a PDF version of the textbook, some textbooks have additional digital resources such as Cambridge Hot Maths, or study ons.

There is no digital licence standardisation between the publishers so each have their own approach.

Most schools consider digital ebooks as optional, all mandatory ebooks will be separately displayed on the booklist and will state the ebook must be purchased.

OXFORD Books: The ebook is for the life of the book.  The code is automatically rolled over on the 31st of December of each year.  No renewal fee is payable.
Oxford digital information:

CAMBRIDGE Books: Provide access to the ebook up to 3 times and have a code health check available on their website.  Only the Maths books with Hotmaths requires payment ($19.95) for the access to the digital component. Not all schools require or use the Hot Maths component.
Cambridge code checker:

JACARANDA Books: Provide a ‘lite’ version (PDF of the book) with the ebook code without extra cost.  They also have a code health check on their website.   To reactivate fully the ebook/learn on or studyon - the cost varies across texts.  Contact Jacaranda Customer Service for further advice. Jacaranda code checker:

MACMILLIAN Books: Codes can be renewed for between $15.95 and $19.95 depending on the text. This could be the PDF and/or additional digital resources.  Please check with MacMillian customer service.

CENGAGE (Nelson) Books:  Provide 4 x 1yr licences for their texts. In very recent editions they are beginning to provide an extended single licence.  Renewal of these new single licences require the purchase of a full digital access code. Please check with Cengage customer service.

PEARSON Books (Includes Heinemann): You will need to contact the Publisher for further details regarding the reactivation and cost as the Readers/eBook licences constantly change.  As a rule of thumb Yrs 7-10 editions are $19.95 to reactivate, 11-12 texts are $25.

Publisher Customer Service Departments

Contact Information:

Jacaranda:   1800 777 474

Oxford University Press:  1300 650 616

Cambridge University Press:   1800 005 210

Cengage Learning (Nelson Texts):   1300 790 853

Pearson Australia, Year levels 1-12:   1300 473 277