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Second Hand Textbooks and Digital Reactivation 2019

As you are aware, a number of publishers apply a reactivation charge for students who wish to access the digital component when they have purchased a secondhand textbook.

This only applies to second hand books – the majority of new textbooks will have digital access for the first year included in the purchase price of the book.

Please see below an updated Second-hand Textbook Summary for 2019.

Cambridge University Press

Digital reactivation is free for the life of the edition, EXCEPT all mathematics texts.

Mathematics texts have a digital reactivation charge of $19.95 for 12 months. This applies to, for example, their Essential Mathematics series, their Cambridge Senior Mathematics series, as well as their other mathematics texts.

Nelson / Cengage Learning

All Nelson textbooks include 4 individual access codes, allowing 4 years of digital access to Nelsonnet at no additional cost.

Oxford University Press

Digital reactivation of all Oxford Textbooks will be free for the 2019 School Year.


Digital Reactivation of all Macmillan Texts will be free for 2019.

Pearson (including Heinemann)

Pearson have changed the delivery of their digital reactivation and have now introduced codes for their second-hand texts. The cost will be $17.50 for Year 7-10 titles and will be valid for between 15 and 27 months depending on the text. The re-activation charge for VCE titles will be $25.00 and will be valid for 27 months. Can vary by school too.


Jacaranda ebookplus texts have a $20-30 reactivation charge provided the text hasn't been used by more than 3 previous owners. 

Jacaranda's new digital platform (LearnOn) will need a new code to be purchased. Can be $40 - $60. There is no standard pricing and it does vary. Check pricing first on the Jacaranda website first.

Publisher Customer Service Departments

Contact Information:

Jacaranda:   1800 777 474

Oxford University Press:  1300 650 616

Cambridge University Press:   1800 005 210

Cengage Learning (Nelson Texts):   1300 790 853

Pearson Australia, Year levels 1-12:   1800 656 685