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booklist tips


Booklists assist parents to order their coming year’s educational requirements. Here are some tips that will remove the stress, and provide you with great outcomes.

Online booklist orders

Most book suppliers provide online ordering. Delivery varies between 2-14 days. 

Booklist order deadlines

We haven't found a book supplier that has said no to a textbook order that has been submitted after the deadline date.

Most book suppliers appreciate early orders as this assists the packing/delivery of orders, it saves them the last minute rush. With the advance of technology most suppliers now provide online ordering which has no deadlines, instead a delivery time is provided.

Late fees for book orders

Penalising the customer for providing an order is not good customer relations – it is well worth telling the supplier this fact. You're the customer. 
This price signal and disincentive, increasingly drives purchasers to other online providers who do not penalise customers.

Simply call the supplier to have the late fee waived or you will take your custom elsewhere. This does work.

Returns policy

Most Book Suppliers have very good returns policy, whereby newly ordered books can be returned, or returned on collection with little or no penalty.

This service is of great assistance to busy parents - submit your book order and use the quieter time over the holiday period to find your required second-hand texts, then return any new texts that are not needed.

Many secondhand textbooks are listed for sale in January, as this is the first opportunity for many busy parents.

Returns policies do vary across suppliers, please check your book supplier’s returns policy.

Late Book Orders

Yes you will get your books, and probably in time for school.  Late orders do get filled and delivered, and if you do not have every book on day 1 when school commences, the sun will still shine and the books won’t be far away.  We are talking about a textbook!!!!
Our advice is to just de-stress, it will work out. Eat chocolate, it does help.
Place your book order when it is convenient for you – after all you are the customer.  Keep in mind, orders take between 2 to 14 days to be delivered.  

Tip: Bargain hunters will buy their secondhand texts (very cheaply) one week prior to school start - it works very well.