Sustainable School Shop.



The Sustainable School Shop encourages re-use and re-cycling through innovation and technology, enabling schools and families to look for a second-hand item first before buying new.

Making better use of current resources and reducing what goes to landfill builds a more sustainable school community and lowers the cost of education.
The Sustainable School Shop undertakes to treat all clients at all levels with respect, courtesy and in good faith, while promoting and encouraging long term relationships that deliver improved value and reward. 

Long term change is best achieved through education and incentive. Improved recycling levels and enduring behavioural change takes time. 


Research and current trends clearly show existing in-school recycling arrangements for educational comsumables such as textbooks, uniforms, musical & sporting equipment calculators etc, are in decline.

Government and community expectations dictate improved sustainability, arguably it has become the most significant global issue for centuries to come. Cultural and generational change begins within educational institutions teachings and actions. The rate of change is contingent upon the communities' perceptions, acceptance and expectations.
Simple solutions are always the best. Changing technology and the low cost nature of the internet offered the best opportunity to develop a service that meets or exceeds the needs and expectations of parents and schools. In addition it is important that families receive what they consider to be real value and reward for their recycling efforts as the stark reality is: Individuals will not recycle unless it is easy. 
Essential attributes: Provides a 'hand-up' rather than a 'hand-out'; inclusive and accessible by all; contributes to and assists in building the sense of school community; single platform serving the different layers of the education community (Kinder to Uni) and is a genuine in-school service.

We can all make a difference, changing individual behaviour even slightly brings significant change overall. 
We trust our browsers find the service enjoyable and easy to use.