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Summary of Thomas Carr College second hand uniform items currently for sale on the Sustainable School Shop website.

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Academic, Sport and Accessories


Sizes Available
Blazer 0
Winter Skirt 0
Summer Dress 0
Blouse Long Sleeve 0


Blazer 0
Trousers 0
Shorts 0
Shirt Long Sleeve Closed Neck 0
Shirt Short Sleeve Open Neck 0
Shirt Short Sleeve Closed Neck 0


Jumper 0
Tie 0


Rugby Jersey Long Sleeve 0
Sports Jacket 0
Track Pants 0
Sports Polo Short Sleeve 0
Sports Shorts 0
House Polo Top (Specify House) 0
House Cap (Specify Cap) 0

Specialist Sports

Netball Dress 0
Basketball Top 0
Soccer Hockey Futsal Touch Top 0
Football Top 0


School Bag - Large 0
Labcoat 0
Scarf 0
Woodwork Apron 0

Miscellaneous Uniform Items

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