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Summary of Mt St Michael's College second hand uniform items currently for sale on the Sustainable School Shop website.

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Academic, Sports and Accessories

Mt St Michael's College is updating their uniform, please refer to the College's Uniform Policy for more information.

Formal Uniform

Sizes Available
Blazer (New Style) 0
Blazer (Old Style) 0
Pullover (Wool/Nylon) 0
Pullover (Poly/Cotton) 0
Cardigan (Wool) 0
Vest 0
Blouse Short Sleeve (New Style) 1 12
Blouse Short Sleeve (Old Style) 0
Formal Skirt Pleated 0
Formal Shorts 0
Formal Trousers 0
Junior Tie 0
Senior Tie 0
Formal Hat (New Style) 0
Formal Hat (Old Style) 0

Sports Uniform

Representative Polo (New Style) 1 10
House Polo (New Style) - Green (Aikenhead) 0
House Polo (New Style) - Yellow (Stewart) 0
House Polo (New Style) - Red (Rush) 0
House Polo (New Style) - Blue (Grantuly) 0
Sports Shorts Microfibre (New Style) 0
Bike Pants 0
Tracksuit Pants Microfibre (New Style) 0
Tracksuit Jacket Microfibre (New Style) 0
Sports Hoodie Fleece 0
Sports Cap - Navy 0

Extra Curricular

Dance T-Shirt 0
Dance Singlet 0
Dance Pants 0


College Backpack 0
College Carry Bag 0
Sports Bag 0
Scarf - Navy 0

Miscellaneous Uniform Items

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